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Coffee With Simon Arias

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The Coffee With Show had the opportunity to sit and chat with Simon Arias, founder and President of Simon Arias Agencies, one of the highest rated workplaces in Pittsburgh. Simon Arias Agencies represents American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL) and has locations throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Florida, and Tennessee. At age 24, Simon launched Arias Agencies only two and a half years after contracting with AIL, making him the youngest State General Agent in company history. Simon has left a huge impact at AIL, having been promoted to leadership positions shortly after first joining in 2005. Recognized for his outstanding leadership and impressive records with AIL, Simon is looked up to as a mentor by many of the top leaders in the company. Simon’s involvement with AIL began immediately after graduating from college. Simon studied at Mercyhurst University and his post-graduation plans were centered on a real estate career in Florida. Shortly after graduation he was contacted by Ohio State General Agents Jim Surace and Marcus Smith, and Simon realized that he had found a rare opportunity with AIL that he couldn’t pass up. Within a year at the company, Simon had already been promoted to a top-level management position. Less than three years later, in 2008, he was promoted as the youngest State General Agent in company history. His career and development of Simon Arias Agencies has taken Simon and his family to new heights he never thought possible, and it has opened doors for Simon to contribute to multiple charitable efforts both locally and internationally. Arias’s excellent work with Simon Arias Agencies has given him significant recognition in the company. He was named the State General Agent of the Year for 2011 & 2012, a new record at AIL, as no other SGA had ever earned this title two years in a row. Simon was selected to contribute to AIL’s Executive Council to advise the company in its direction, and has been chosen as State General Agent of the year multiple times, the highest honor a State General Agency can achieve. Beyond that, Simon’s impressive leadership has made him a noteworthy Pittsburgh employer – Simon Arias Agencies was originally named Pittsburgh’s #1 Small Business Employer by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in 2012. Since then, Simon Arias Agencies has been continually recognized by the Post Gazette as one of Pittsburgh’s Top Workplaces. Tune in to this episode of Coffee With to take away the life and business lessons Simon has learned as a successful young business...

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