Webinars for Career Growth

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Webinar Schedule – June 2015 CLICK here for the List and to REGISTER Click any title for registration details! Webinars for career growth. A portion of the profits from all webinar sessions will benefit Building Bridges for Business, a 501c3 that provides career awareness education for students grades 7-12! Rap Sheet Cleanup Friday, June 5th @ 10:00 AM EST Rap Sheet Cleanup Topics will include How to Interpret a Criminal Record, Process for Making Corrections, Filing Expungements and How to Access National… Databases for Assistance! Networking 101 Wednesday, June 10th @ 10:00 AM EST This workshop will provide job seekers and career counselors tips for building contact lists, using social media and creating a branded message that will help generate better job leads. Very practical and applicable information. Participants will leave this webinar with actual tools and strategies that can be put to use same day! This webinar is esential for career growth. Job Club 1-2-3! Friday, June 12th @ 10:00 AM EST Job Club 1-2-3 is a step-by-step guide for setting up and carrying out successful Job Clubs. This workshop is ideal for job developers and career counselors who want to improve program outcomes. Topics will include Job Club History & Effectiveness, A Typical Job Club Agenda and more! Using LinkedIn for Job Search Friday, June 19th @ 10:00 AM EST Social Media can be a powerful tool in the job seeker’s toolbox. LinkedIn is sort of the professional’s version of Facebook. If utilized correctly, LinkedIn can help job seekers connect with employers. This webinar will focus on LinkedIn profiles, tips for following potential employers and the ways of tapping into passive job leads! Participants will leave this webinar with practical tools and strategies that can be put to use same day! Upcoming Sessions! Offender Workforce Development Basic Skills – Online! g-CDF Pittsburgh – September of...

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Social Media Marketing- outsource ?

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There are so many social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, just to name a few. They are always changing, growing, updating, expanding. And there are always new channels to learn. How can your company keep up with the ever changing landscape that is social media? Here are a few social media tips to get you started. • First of all, don’t try to post on every single one of them. Pick two or three that your company would benefit from the most and hit them hard. Post as often as you can so you get the most views from the largest amount of people. • Time is critical. If you have an in-house employee handling your accounts, make sure he/she has the time to do the job properly. If they have other responsibilities, they might not always get to their social media activities in a timely manner. • Social media marketing demands constant attention. If someone comments negatively on one of your posts, you need to react instantly. You want to take care of the problem as fast as possible to insure your customer relations reputation. • Your business has its own personality and you want to make sure your social media marketing reflects that. Make sure the person who is handling your accounts knows your firm and can post in a tone that conveys that personality. • Social media is always changing. Make sure you keep up with the times. Take training classes and refresher courses so you know what it new and relevant to the platforms you are working on. • Consider the benefits of outsourcing your social media. Make sure you hire someone who has marketing experience. Remember that social media is not really about being social. It is entirely about marketing your business. You do want to be social and build relationships, but you need to do that in a marketing atmosphere. • When looking for a marketing firm, make sure you check out other clients they have worked for. Do you think their marketing reflects their business? Are you happy with the amount of posts you are seeing? Social Media marketing is an ever changing technology. In order to get the most out of it you need to plan your actions. Take the time to do it right, get the best person for the job, know what is new and relevant, and make those connections that...

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Employee Motivation

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Having motivated employees should be at the top of your priority list if you want your business to succeed. If your employees don’t feel that they are part of the team, if they feel that you don’t value them or their opinion, if they feel that they can be replaced at the drop of a hat, you have a big problem. Your employees needs to work together as a team in order to be productive. They need to know what the other employees are doing in order to do their job in a timely manner. Everyone needs to feel valued so they will want to work and do a good job for the business. So how do you go about motivating your employees? Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking. • A simple pat on the back can go a long way. If someone in your organization does a great job, thank them for their efforts. They are working hard for you. Make sure they know you appreciate it. • Don’t draw lines between the employees. It is not you and us. It is we. One is not any better than the other. Management and “worker bees” need to know that they are on the same team, working for the same goal. • Training is very important for everyone. Make sure you hold meetings or seminars when new products and services are introduced. Send your employees to workshops to better their skills. Not only will it help you because your employees are equipped to do their job properly, but it will help strengthen the self-esteem of your employees. • Host a summer picnic or holiday party to bring everyone on the team together. All business and no play is not fun. Letting your employees get to know one another in a social setting just brings everyone closer as a team. • Listen to what your employees have to say. Showing your value their opinion will only want them to do better at their job. You never know who will come up with the next best product or service. • Be flexible when it comes to personal situations. The work-life balance is getting harder and harder. Try to give your employees the time they need to take care of personal situations. They will appreciate knowing you care. It takes time and money to acquire and train new employees. Do what you can to motivate your staff so they want to stay with you as long as possible. You and your business will grow in the...

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Coffee With Kelly Collier

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Kelly Collier, the most recent Coffee With… guest, was a young, healthy, athletic student at Carnegie Mellon University. But she suffered from severe lower back pain. As a senior engineering design project she and her classmates were tasked with designing something – anything. As others in her group had also suffered from back pain, the idea of designing a posture training shirt to help rehabilitate back pain was discussed. Getting an A on the project helped her secure a spot in the 2012 AlphaLab accelerator program. After graduating from the program and collaborating with biomedical engineers and a practicing physician, ActivAided Orthotics was born. ActivAided Orthotics is dedicated to supporting active lifestyles and keeping people of all ages strong, healthy and pain free. Their products are based on a unique treatment philosophy that remedies pain by encouraging self-correcting habits. Their posture training shirt teaches people how to use their body and posture in a proper way so they can pursue their passions without limits. Kelly talks with Christopher Evans on Coffee With… about her business journey. Local Pittsburgh resources were a big part of her beginning. Even though ActivAided Orthotics is now a national company with other user friendly innovated products in development, she still counts on her Pittsburgh resources for her business growth. Coffee With… is an informal interview with prominent business, community and government leaders covering a wide array of issues from business planning to entrepreneurship, and business challenges that affect the economic landscape of the region. Watch the latest installment to see more about Kelly Collier and ActivAided...

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5 additional Business keys to staying on track

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6. Connect with People Connecting with people is a critical marketing strategy done with minimal expense. Connect with coaches, mentors, and experienced entrepreneurs in your industry. 7. Find Your Natural Talent Examine yourself and look for a natural talent that you may possess— then develop it. It may be speaking, networking, or a hobby right under your nose. 8. Become an Expert Learn all you can about your chosen craft. Know the ins and outs and be able to answer questions or inquiries about what you do and how you do it. 9. Provide Distinctive Service Provide excellent service to your clients; service they can’t receive anywhere else. Set yourself apart from the competition. 10. Define Your Vision Know your vision and define it. Be able to visualize who you are and what you want. Keep these 5 additional Business keys to staying on track in mind...

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U can B – Teaching 7th – 12 grade students is Statewide

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State’s ‘U Can B’ program expands through Cyber Charter School The “U Can B” program is available for the first time to middle and high school students statewide through a partnership with the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, according to a recent announcement from the school. The program puts middle and high school students in direct contact with Pittsburgh business, community and government leaders. It is operated by Building Bridges for Business, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit that launched in 2010. “The ‘U Can B’ program was previously available to school districts in and around Pittsburgh, but this is the first time they’ve offered it through an online school and the first time for it to be available statewide,” Pennsylvania Cyber’s Gifted and Talented Program Director Mike Hissam said. The organization uses methods including one-on-one conversations with experts; its “Coffee With” film series on CBS/KDKA; in-person lectures and “Power Trip” meetings with visits to Google offices; the Energy Innovation Center; and trips to CBS/KDKA studios and Pittsburgh City Hall. Participating Pennsylvania Cyber students have been chosen to participate through the school’s regional offices, from the gifted-talented and related STAR programs, the DECA business club, the School of Engineering and the National Honor Society chapter. The “U Can B” program meets every Thursday from 3-4 p.m. over a 15-week period that began Jan. 15. Sessions also are streamed to Pennsylvania Cyber students participating at home. Hissam added that participation in the program will remain open through the semester to all Pennsylvania Cyber students in grades nine through 12 and to all seventh- and eighth-grade students taking high school...

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