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U can B continues to grow and teach career education across PA and soon other STATES.

A survey by the National Occupational Information Coordinating Com¬mittee and the National Career Development Association found that a majority of students report feeling unprepared in skills, knowledge, and attitudes upon entering the workforce.

According to the Manhattan Institute, only about 20% of African-American and Hispanic students graduate college-ready. This skills crisis is becoming more critical because the American economy is shifting. Not only will the traditional skills of reading, writing and math be needed to thrive in this economy, but also technological know-how and proficiency in self-direction.

Of the mainstream public school population, graduation rates hover between 70 and 80 percent for all students and 50 percent for minority students. The disparity widens when only “at-risk” students are counted. One-half of teenagers in child welfare systems nationally Future UCANB Flyer-speakers