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What is Building Bridges for Business?

Building Bridges is a 501(c)3 organization that educates and empowers through:

  • U can B Career education program (Educating 6th-12th grade students on careers)
  • Job fairs and job placement for students and adults
  • The Coffee With Show
  • Building the Bridges across the business and workforce ecosystem

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Donate to our U can B career education program and help provide students with the skills they need to succeed. All contributions are tax deductible and support classroom education and job placement.
  • Ask us about our EITC, Education Improvement Tax Credit,  program for your business.
  • United Way Donate Now – 12453437




Entrepreneurs and businesspeople, along with the non-profit organization Building Bridges for Business, are giving students in grades 6th–12th the chance to see what life is like after high school and college.

U can B offers 60+ weeks of curriculum in a variety of areas along with the Coffee With Film series featuring inspirational leaders sharing their career journeys.

Students are Saying:

Clairton High School Student: “I heard that there are all kinds of careers and options for me. It wasn’t just about one thing; it was about all different kinds of careers. Now I know that I can be something great!”

11th Grade Propel Student, 2016: “I want to get a career that I LOVE!! I learned this through the U can B classes. My next step is to explore internships in an interesting field.”

11th Grade Propel Student, 2016: “I know that I want to go into the FBI. The U can B teacher really helped me and told me what I need to do next to get a job in this area. I am going to ask for input from my family and investigate careers online.”

Administrators are Saying:

“The U can B curriculum and program provided our students with the tools and knowledge needed to be successful. The students were involved in thought-provoking and engaging discussions that expanded their future plans for preparing and working toward careers in the 21st century workforce.” -Mike Hissam

The Coffee With Show

Business, community and government leaders share what worked to launch and sustain their businesses and careers. Learn from the experts about opportunities and business resources.


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