Glen Meakem introduces Forever

Glen Meakem Introduces Forever on Coffee With

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Glen Meakem, Founder & CEO of, is a successful entrepreneur and business leader who has founded and built a number of companies, but his passion for preserving important information and memories goes back to 1991 when he returned from serving as a U.S. Army officer in the First Gulf War. That summer, Glen and his wife, Diane, recorded videos of their grandparents talking about their lives and values. Watch Glen Meakem discuss Forever now!

Ever since, Glen has thought about how to permanently preserve and share those videos and other family treasures. After many years, these thoughts led to the founding of Forever in May of 2012.

It might have been a picture in an old shoe box, or a story told by a beloved grandmother, or a recipe card that’s starting to tatter, but there comes a time when we think about our loved ones, the mark they’ve left on the family, the things they’ve left behind. What will happen to those old albums and home movies? With Forever™, you can secure and share those precious moments for generations.

Forever is the world’s first permanent online photo storage and sharing service. Forever guarantees it will save and enable sharing of photos (and soon documents and videos) in Permanent Member’s Accounts for the member’s lifetime plus 100 years, with the goal of thousands of years. Forever does not sell or disclose its member’s personal information to advertisers or any unwanted third parties; you retain complete ownership rights. Permanent members of Forever pay a one-time membership fee and also pay up-front into the Forever Guarantee Fund for permanent storage. The Forever Guarantee Fund acts as a permanent endowment, generating income and gains which pay for storage, sharing and data migration to new file formats over time. Sign up today for your FREE 90-day Intro Membership!

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