Coffee With Kelly Collier

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  Pittsburgh has an abundance of talented entrepreneurs and innovative startups. Joining us today on Coffee With is Kelly Collier, founder and CEO of ActivAided Orthotics, a medical device startup that produces flexible, supportive posture-correcting clothing. ActivAided has revolutionized the traditional medical brace into a product that allows for non-restrictive therapy, providing impressive support and rehabilitation without sacrificing flexibility or comfort. Collier launched the company from the ground up, their product initially developed for her senior project at Carnegie Mellon. ActivAided first saw development in the form of a class project for Collier, a then Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering student at CMU. An avid swimmer, Collier’s back pain problems became the catalyst for the project which was developed by a physician Dr. Gary Chimes, Collier and her peers as a senior project at Carnegie Mellon University. Unlike her classmates, Collier gave herself additional homework when she incorporated the assignment into a post-graduate business. Since founding ActivAvided Orthotics, Collier has become a specialist in commercializable product development and has expertise in all stages of the process. Whether it be design, manufacturing, scalability, or distribution, Collier possesses the business prowess to efficiently tackle any aspect of business growth and operations. Collier’s efforts enabled her to collect honors as the U. S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Western Pennsylvania Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Kevin White, Pittsburgh SBA district director, commented that Collier is an entrepreneur who identified the solution to a problem. He said, “Her back problems led her to turn this project into a business that helps correct posture in a non-restrictive form.” Collier’s transformation from student to entrepreneur is characteristic of the incredibly innovative business environment in Pittsburgh. Want to learn more about the origins, development, and lessons learned from ActivAided? Tune into this episode of Coffee With. Since this blog post and video the company was acquired by...

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U can B teaches Career Readiness

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U can B teaching Students – As students graduate and enter an increasingly competitive job market, academic success alone is not enough to ensure a successful career. Employers are searching for the “soft skills”–those traits that are so vital to interpersonal relationships, cooperation with coworkers, and customer satisfaction. These skills include things like communication, problem solving, time management, leadership, working on a team, a strong work ethic, maintaining a professional appearance, and more. “The guest speakers from the U. Can. B Program are a lot of fun! They give us more options for career choices, as well as present real life experiences to the topic.” “I enjoy listening to the speakers and asking questions. They are interesting and informative.” Frequently, students are lacking in this vital preparation for the responsibilities and realities of the work world. This handicaps them in their future job searches by reducing their employability, and impacting their ability to function well in an office environment or retain a job. By providing opportunities for students to practice these important personal interactions, problem solving processes, communication cycles, and other key skills, educators can help lay a foundation for future success in the work world. “The guest speakers are nice and they do not make me feel like I cannot own my own business in the future. Everyone is not meant to go to college, and I now feel confident that I can do something else to make a living when I am an adult.” “The guest speakers make sure the students understand what they are presenting.” “I look forward to the next workshop. Can someone present more often ?” Big Ideas U can B teaches related to Career Readiness ● Interpersonal skills are just as important as subject area knowledge to creating and maintaining a successful career. ● Continuing to learn and grow in your personal life can lead to both a successful career and greater satisfaction in your life. ● Leadership, communication, problem solving, and time management are vital for any career....

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U can B taught at East Liberty, Erie, Wexford, Allentown, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg. Each Thursday from 3 to 4 p.m. over a 15-week period that began Jan. 15, participants gathered at seven PA Cyber support centers and satellite offices across the state for live, interactive online sessions on specific topics including entrepreneurship, website and graphic design, government and politics, jobs in the “green” sector, film, and trade careers. The live online sessions in this series originated from PA Cyber’s office in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty business district. They were streamed using Google software to offices at Greensburg, Erie, Wexford, Allentown, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg. Hissam and Brian Boothby, a facilitator in the gifted-talented program, are simultaneously streamed the sessions to other PA Cyber students at home on their laptops, using the same Collaborate meeting software students use to attend their regular PA Cyber virtual classes. In the second session, for example, Tom Kubilius of Bally Designs of Pittsburgh explained what entrepreneurship is, what entrepreneurs have in common, choices to be made in starting a business, creating a business plan, what a small business looks like, and why having a passion for what you do is important.   Jill Valentine, Director of Admissions and Marketing, 724.888-7814,...

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U can B – Mon Valley

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U can B a healthcare employee with Adagio Health and Jefferson Hospital.  Great information for students and all the students who wanted to volunteer over the summer were able to get volunteer positions. The U can B solution The U can B Curriculum is tailored to meet your school’s needs, and allows each curriculum component to be expanded or contracted to fit within a specific number of weeks based on the strengths and weaknesses of the class. Classes included in the U can B curriculum include: • Entrepreneurship • Trades and Careers in the Trades • Website design and SEO • Film and TV • Green and Sustainable • Politics • Healthcare • and More! The U can B program provides a unique interactive classroom environment that utilizes “Google Live Stream Technology” in a partnership with Google. The program further engages the students with our proprietary Coffee With Film series, which showcases industry leaders and politicians with a variety of insight in those careers. The program is further augmented with In person speakers and experts that share real world experiences and advice in career development and planning. Finally, U can B’s Student Goal Tracker Software with Smart Technology connects each student with matched company profiles, internship opportunities and unique access to industry...

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U can B – Career Program

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  What is an entrepreneur? What choices do I have for my future career? How do I go about starting my own business? Is there anyone out there that can talk to me and guide me in the right direction? These are all great questions that have been asked by many middle and high school students. Now they have a way to figure out the answers. “U Can B” is a customizable 8, 15, or 24 week career/leadership program designed and operated by Building Bridges for Business, a Pittsburgh based non-profit. The program has been educating 7th through 12th graders for the past two years and is now available statewide in partnership with the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School. Using the “Coffee With” film series on CBS/KDKA, in-person lectures and “Power Trips” with individuals in leadership positions, students are able to connect with vital business resources. They are learning that thinking outside the box is a good thing. According to a February 3, 2015, article at Forbes.com, “young people are gravitating to entrepreneurship. The most active early-stage entrepreneurs around the world are 25 to 35 years old”. This innovative program is a starting point for many of these young people by educating and empowering them to follow their passion. “U Can B” challenging the students to think about what choices are available to them and what it will take for them to succeed. For additional information on the “U Can B” program or to find out how you can add the “U Can B” program to your school, please contact...

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5 Keys for Staying on Track – February check in

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5  Keys to Staying on Track for Success The road to success can be rocky, filled with bumps, potholes, and dead ends. Knowing yourself and the terrain will increase the chances of your achieving your goals. Let’s review 10 keys that will help you stay focused and on track for success. 1. Passion Having a passion for your work is the most important element in finding success. You have to love it and desire to cultivate it. 2. Confidence Your actions and the way you speak about yourself and your company is the greatest selling point to your target audience. 3. Self-Discipline Disciplining yourself will help you accomplish more than you ever dreamed, not to mention be the catalyst for great happiness in life. 4. Be Open to Failure You have to increase the chance of failure and vulnerability to criticism if you want to mature your business. 5. Persistence Never allow failure to dictate your next step in the journey toward success. Rather, seek out what you can learn from it and follow that direction thoughtfully....

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