Schools Should Teach Entrepreneurship

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Schools Should Teach Entrepreneurship

While not all students will want to pursue a career in business ownership, there are still so many benefits to teaching students about entrepreneurship early on. An entrepreneurial curriculum not only teaches students to start their own businesses, but also teaches them to think creatively and ambitiously. In turn, these valuable lessons empowers students to make decisions about their future. Here are five reasons why entrepreneurial skills are critical for students’ success:

Free Thinking

Teaching entrepreneurship to young students helps them gain self-confidence in their ideas and abilities by allowing them to brainstorm the solutions to problems they identify. When schools work entrepreneurship into their curriculum, students learn to try out their ideas and get to see a measurable outcome of their efforts. They also learn that failure happens, and that’s okay.

The Ability to Succeed in an Uncertain World

The job market and economy that students will enter is hard to predict, but we know that students will need skills that will allow them to navigate uncertainty. An entrepreneurial education equips students to take risks, problem-solve, think creatively, accept and grow from failure, empathize with others, and understand the correlation between hard work and success. Overall, this is an incredible stepping stone to learning independence.

Entrepreneurship Promote Social Values

Students who learn about entrepreneurship learn about what it means to be a good citizen. Learning about entrepreneurship is just as much about learning to be fiscally independent as it is about learning to help others and how to take success in stride. Students with entrepreneurship education enter the world with the mentality that identifying solutions to existing problems can help make the world a better place.

Entrepreneurial education holds great value for all of our students. Teaching children about entrepreneurship helps foster confidence, creativity, and independence. It gives students a chance to stand on their own merit while teaching them the type of money management and organizational skills that lead to being a productive member of society, whether or not they decide to start their own business in the long run. The future belongs to innovators, and entrepreneurship education is the incubator for the types of creative ideas our world needs.

The U can B Program seeks to put entrepreneurship at the front of students’ learning. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople, along with the non-profit organization Building Bridges for Business, are giving local students the chance to see what life is like after high school and college. Learn more about the U can B program’s dedication to helping students think about life after high school here.