See IT, Believe IT, Do IT – High School Business Growth

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See IT, Believe IT, Do IT – High School Business Growth



Growth for High School Students


Where do you get career advice if you are a high school student?  Building Bridges for Business, using their video series Coffee With… has created a program called See It, Believe It, Do It, that brings high school students and local business people, government officials and entrepreneurs together in a format where the students can ask questions and get support in their career decision making process.  Those who have participated have found benefit in talking to “real people” about their futures.  this is a unique high school business growth educational program.


The Coffee With…video series started two years ago but has only recently been taken to the school system.  The students, in addition to watching the film series, also get to meet those involved in the videos.  After watching, a question and answer period takes place where the students can talk about job shadowing, different stages of any career choice, or whatever is on their mind.


As high school students, there are a lot of decisions to be made.  In addition to talking to their parents about their dreams and desires, the See It, Believe It, Do It program gives students an opportunity to talk to local entrepreneurs about what lies ahead and can help young people realize that the business community is behind them.  Advice is out there if they know who to ask.  Building Bridges for Business is an outlet they can depend on for help.