U can B teaches Career Readiness

U can B reaching students and having an impact

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U can B teaching Students – As students graduate and enter an increasingly competitive job market, academic success alone is not enough to ensure a successful career. Employers are searching for the “soft skills”–those traits that are so vital to interpersonal relationships, cooperation with coworkers, and customer satisfaction. These skills include things like communication, problem solving, time management, leadership, working on a team, a strong work ethic, maintaining a professional appearance, and more.

“The guest speakers from the U. Can. B Program are a lot of fun! They give us more options for career choices, as well as present real life experiences to the topic.”
“I enjoy listening to the speakers and asking questions. They are interesting and informative.”

Frequently, students are lacking in this vital preparation for the responsibilities and realities of the work world. This handicaps them in their future job searches by reducing their employability, and impacting their ability to function well in an office environment or retain a job. By providing opportunities for students to practice these important personal interactions, problem solving processes, communication cycles, and other key skills, educators can help lay a foundation for future success in the work world.
“The guest speakers are nice and they do not make me feel like I cannot own my own business in the future. Everyone is not meant to go to college, and I now feel confident that I can do something else to make a living when I am an adult.”
“The guest speakers make sure the students understand what they are presenting.”
“I look forward to the next workshop. Can someone present more often ?”

Big Ideas U can B teaches related to Career Readiness
● Interpersonal skills are just as important as subject area knowledge to creating and maintaining a successful career.
● Continuing to learn and grow in your personal life can lead to both a successful career and greater satisfaction in your life.
● Leadership, communication, problem solving, and time management are vital for any career.