5 Steps to create Business Growth

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5 Steps to Create Business Growth Creating business growth takes consistent planning and strategy. This can be achieved through business education, regular professional business development and presentations of business events. Implement the 5 Steps to create Business Growth and make your business thrive! 1. Education For Business Sake Business Education should be accepted as a lifelong opportunity for focusing on business trends and curves. By maintaining an attitude of continuous education, opportunities to seek out the most advantageous additional courses provide the extra edge for business growth. 2. Professional Development Professional business development ranks among the necessary elements for business growth. Professional development requires marketing, sales, management, staffing and executive skills. Achieving the rank of professional isn’t just a matter of title. Development at each phase of business determines the quality of professionalism of the individual. 3. Business Events That Affect Business Growth The business professional seeking optimum business growth employs a give and take attitude toward events that help their businesses. It’s as important to present an event as it is to take part in events. This is the basic structure of networking. Surrounding your business with a beneficial network helps grow business stature. 4. To Grow Your Business Today’s webinars and seminars fill a particular gap that links direct offline events and business presentations with the internet world. For businesses, this is an unparalleled opportunity for growth. The hi-tech world can be a catalyst for advancing business image as well as name recognition, branding and ranking. Creating linked business webinars and seminars produces a well-structured microcosm of vested target markets. The links between webinars and seminars should be seamlessly woven to create an overlapping flow of interest and awareness of the specific business. This is also true for patrons attending webinars and seminars. Thus, the “give and take” attitude becomes the operative for giving patrons a direct link online and off while the business takes in a higher rate of growth. 5. Educate, Develop, Grow Present webinars and seminars with a professional style and content. Contrast this by attending webinars and seminars that focus on educating, developing and growing your business. These may contain new ideas for management structure, creating cohesive team embodiment and financial and economic guidelines as well as current compliance regulations relating to business operations. A tightly knit program of webinars and seminars for patrons and businesses offering them are essential for business growth. Creating business growth takes planning and strategy. By following these 5 Steps to create Business Growth, hopefully you will be well on your way to...

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U can B – Teaching 9th – 12 graders expands

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Building Bridges for Business would like to take this opportunity to thank Justine Coyne, a reporter with the Pittsburgh Business Times, for writing a story about our U Can B entrepreneur program that is currently in it’s second year. We have had great success with our program and are very excited that additional schools have an interest in it. This article brings further awareness of our program to the community. Thank you, Justine, for your hard work in this endeavor. Below is a copy of the article. Let us know what you think. Building Bridges for Business Expands High School Education Program Following a successful pilot program, Building Bridges for Business is expanding its U Can B education program to serve more students in the Pittsburgh region. The program, which began last year at Keystone Oaks High School, provides students in grades eight through 12 exposure to a variety of careers through classroom curriculum and in-person interactive discussions with business leaders. The 24-week program highlights community leaders in diverse fields, with a focus on entrepreneurship, said Building Bridges For Business CEO Renee DeMichiei Farrow. “This program is really about opening a dialogue and giving students the opportunity to learn about careers and fields they may not otherwise be exposed to,” she said. Participating schools are provided with the group’s proprietary curriculum, as well as access to Building Bridge’s “Coffee With…” educational film series. Students can also participate in “Power Trips,” which are in-person site visits to locations ranging from the City-County Building to Google Pittsburgh’s offices. “Teaching students about entrepreneurship is important, even for students who aren’t interested in running their own business,” said Jim Ellenbogen, Allegheny County Council member for District 12, who represents the Keystone Oaks school district, said in a statement. “Given how the economy has shifted and the uncertainty of the job market, entrepreneurship and evaluating career choices is something we should be teaching at an early age.” Farrow said the organization is working to bring three additional city schools on board this year, with the possibility to take on up to eight additional schools this winter. Founder Linda Handley said they are looking for schools throughout different areas and different socioeconomic backgrounds. “Especially for those students that may not be interested in going to college, it may help them realize there is opportunity to do something else and start a business,” Handley said. “It’s another way to give students a sense of direction.” Schools do pay a fee to participate in the program, but the organization is looking to get support from local foundations to cover or offset the cost, she said. The group is hosting an event Oct. 30 at Keystone Oaks high school for eight schools across the county. More information can be found...

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Public Relations – Points for Success

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Public Relations – Points for Success Be unique, be first or be exceptional with the products/services you provide, your branding, the audience you serve. Align with celebrities or top newsmakers. BE the expert by providing new information, great solutions, and fresh insights. Create products that solve problems in a new way. Plan them this way when designing them. Here are just a few. 1. How do I earn the trust of my customers & clients? Deliver on promises, be consistent with your message, brand and products. Take responsibility for your actions. Allow people to get to know you and to experience your values in action, through social media posts & live interaction. 2. How can I stimulate consistent business growth? Be consistent with your PR, marketing and sales efforts. You need all three, working together. 3. What are some ways I can get to know my customers better? Survey them, using tools like Survey Monkey. Ask if you can interview some of them by phone. Follow your customers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Join forums where they may share info. 4. How can I carve out a niche market? Think like a member of your niche market. Think about the problems you’d want to solve as such. Think about the search terms you would use to find what you’re looking for. Do a Google search with those search terms. You’ll find forums, articles, etc. that will lead you to your audience. Try groups on LinkedIn and FB. 5. How can I tell when to hire someone or to learn how to do something new by myself? Consider how much time you have to take on this new task/role & whether or not your expertise is needed. If you can hire someone else to do it & free yourself up for higher-level business building activities, hire someone. If you’re going to be miserable taking on this new task, hire it out. Don’t drain your energy. Want to know more of the Points for Success in Public Relations? Contact Building Bridges for Business...

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Coffee With – Rabih Helou The Beauty Shoppe is a Pittsburgh coworking space for everyone

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The Beauty Shoppe Rabih Helou is a former consultant and business owner with a curious obsession for making business serve the social good.  He is co-founder of The Beauty Shoppe, a coworking community with two locations in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood. He has spent over 15 years consulting to a wide range of organizations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors in the US, Canada, Europe
 and the Middle East. Before co-founding The Beauty Shoppe Rabih Helou led several multi-million dollar business operations, including international development projects for the US Department of State, and as head of Middle East operations for a Strategy Consulting firm in NYC, a $25 million multi-year entrepreneurship initiative for 
the fastest growing mobile operator in the Middle East and North Africa. Rabih earned his PhD in Social Markets from the University of Maryland. In his free time he buys and renovates old houses, and can be found over-stretching his limbs at Bikram Yoga studios across the country. We offer inspired spaces, integral services, and access to a diverse network of creatives, entrepreneurs and small companies.  Whatever your size or industry, working with us gives you the freedom to focus on your business. We stress about the basics so you don’t have to. Explore The Beauty Shoppe through our Magazine, send The Beauty Shoppe an e-mail, connect with The Beauty Shoppe on twitter, or learn about becoming a member of The Beauty...

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Small Business Success in Pittsburgh – La Prima Espresso

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Sam Patti is the founder/owner of La Prima Espresso Company, an operation comprised of two espresso bars and one wholesale roasting facility. Sam is a veteran US Army officer. He has done graduate work in Italian Studies at Pitt and the University of Pennsylvania. For almost 40 years he has held a continuing interest in the field of Italian American Studies. He and wife Debra have raised three educated, purposeful young women. In 1988, Sam decided to open a storefront on 21st Street in the Strip District of Pittsburgh with the intention of selling and servicing commercial espresso machines. Over time, his store attracted locals who were drawn by the ambiance and authentic Italian-style espresso. The showroom evolved into an espresso bar which is still located at 205 21st Street. A second La Prima espresso bar has been providing Carnegie Mellon’s campus with high quality coffee for over twenty years at its kiosk in Wean Hall. As the company gained momentum, Sam purchased small batch roasters to begin roasting coffee out of the 21st Street location. Roasting needs grew and eventually the roasters were relocated to the Pittsburgh Produce Terminal on Smallman Street. The wholesale side of the company operated in the Strip District until 2013 when La Prima Espresso Co. purchased a building in the historic Manchester neighborhood on Pittsburgh’s North Side. La Prima Espresso Company strives to have a positive impact on the Pittsburgh community, partnering with organizations like Grow Pittsburgh and The Rachel Carson Homestead by donating one dollar for every pound of their individual blends that are sold. In 2007, La Prima became a certified organic roasting facility by Pennsylvania Certified Organic and Fair Trade certified by...

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