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Branding and Customer Loyalty

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Branding and Customer Loyalty – Retaining Clients   How important is a formal branding/marketing strategy? A marketing plan helps you define your market, establish your message and measure results. Make adjustments if needed. Without a marketing plan it’s like throwing spaghetti against wall & hope something sticks. Don’t confuse the market. your marketing should be concise and consistent. You can’t be all things 2 all people. Brand should project your company’s value proposition. and your marketing messages should be consistent with UR brand. An absolute must. you have a brand either by design or default. be in control. Your brand defines your biz. What should I do to retain customers ? Realize complaints are opportunities to turn a dissatisfied customer into a raving fan. Deal with it professionally. Say thank you. sometimes we forget those two little words. always let them know how much you appreciate their biz. Make customers feel like a vip not a number. respond quickly. remember names, birthdays, personal info. Under promise & over deliver is First thing. And a communicate if something goes wrong. customers appreciate honesty. Don’t forget customer loyalty programs. reward them for their business. E-newsletters that R informative R good way to keep connected. & once again Social media keeps communication open. I think face-to-face contact is important. Lunch, coffee, Make it about building rapport not selling. Build the bond. Customer advisory councils also good way 2 learn what customers think & how U can enhance service even add new products. There are survey resources online. Some free, but my favorite is Constant Contact. Offer an incentive 4 participating. Customer surveys are an excellent way to understand and connect to your customers. Learn what they are...

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