Youth & Entrepreneurship: Progressing Past Lemonade Stands

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Youth entrepreneurship is growing rapidly in the United Staes and internationally. These stories prove that kids can be just as impactful in the business world as adults! With programs like U can B, we can prepare the next generation for college and beyond. More importantly, we can start unburying their passions today instead of tomorrow. Age is just a number. Let’s teach our kids there’s nothing they can’t master with a little knowledge and hard work. After that, we’ll see more and more youth entrepreneurial success stories, just like these!

Rachel Zietz: Gladiator Lacrosse

In 2013 at the age of 13, Rachel Zietz founded Gladiator Lacrosse. As a lacrosse player herself, Rachel found that sports equipment was too expensive and not particularly durable. To solve this problem, she has created a line of quality and affordable rebounders and practice goals for lacrosse players. Three years after its founding, Gladiator Lacrosse generated more than $1 million in revenue and Rachel was honored as one of the finalists for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Entrepreneur Award.

Moziah Bridges: Mo’s Bows

Moziah is only 14 years old, but he is already the CEO of his own company! Fueled by his love for fashion, this dapper CEO launched his own bow-tie business at age 9. Since its launch, Mo’s Bows has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and Shark Tank. Mo hand picks every fabric and approves every visual element, and has sold more than $300,000 worth of bow ties and men’s accessories. Additionally, he’s dedicated to giving back to society. In 2012, Moziah started “go mo!” a charity focused on sending Memphis children to summer camp.

Youth entrepreneurial success stories don’t have to be headline news. As technology and society advances, our education system needs to follow. That’s where programs like U can B come in. With courses in entrepreneurship, students grades 6-12 can be inspired from a young age to create their own opportunities in life! Together, we can make these types of success stories a prominent part of our culture, and not so taboo. Investing in our youth is investing in everyone’s future.